About Us

WhizzVapes is a Cornwall Based online shop that has been set up by an experienced individual who has vaped since 2011, as a way to enable them to give up smoking . Once they started vaping they didn’t look back, becoming part of the vaping community, due to the enjoyment it has given them.  This means this online shop has been set up by somebody who is  knowledgeable and understands your needs, which will ensure you are provided with a highly personalised service provided by somebody who knows what they are talking about and has personal experience. WhizzVapes prides itself in its customer service and most importantly ensuring the best prices possible, due to being in contact with all the major wholesalers. So you can get the flavours you want and the accessories you need when you want them ! 

At WhizzVapes you can purchase all of the most up to date flavours and accessories. 

If you have difficulty with the selection or you can’t find what you need in stock you can drop us an email at info@whizzvapes.co.uk and we will endeavour to add it to our stock list as soon as possible . Please do email for any advice you  need to help you choose an e liquid that is made for you. 

 If you are interested in e liquids and accessories, then you have found the right online shop!